The Windmill Soho

The Windmill Soho

Established in 1910, The Windmill Soho has everything you need, a great mix of live music and drinks from every corner of the world. The club opens its door on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from midnight till 5 am. But if you want more of this fantastic place, The Windmill SoHo has a restaurant where you can book your table for Wednesday to Sunday.

The restaurant serves the most amazing dishes, and Michelin star chef Andrew Mcleish created its menu; you will find the most creative cocktail here, invented by renowned mixologist Andy Mill. The restaurant, just like the club, has bewitching shows, performances and theatrical experiences.

Windmill Soho is a great place for celebrating special events and hosting the biggest parties of the year, such as New Year’s Eve and Christmas at The Windmill Soho. You can book your Table at Windmill for any event.

  • Birthday parties
  • Bachelorette/ Bachelor
  • Boys / Girls’ night out
  • Or any other special occasion

The Windmill Soho club is where you can enjoy a great mix of live music and drinks worldwide. The atmosphere is always fun and friendly, so you’ll feel at home whether you’re planning a big night out or want to kick back for a drink or two with friends. The Windmill Soho was closed temporarily in 2018 and is now back with a bang.

The party at Windmill Soho starts on Thursday and lasts till Saturday. Windmill Soho is your place if you don’t want the party to end. The door opens at midnight, and the party lasts till 5 am. The club organizes three nights.

Hip Hop Night – Windmill Thursday

House Night – Windmill Friday

Windmill Saturday

The music in the club depends on the day. But certainly, the club will play either R&B, Hip Hop, or House music performed by renowned DJs. To get entry into the club, you must be 18+. This exquisite club is adamant about its door policy, so be your best. The club won’t allow entry if you are in your sportswear or hoodies, or any fancy dress. So wear your smart casuals.

Therefore, make sure you put on your best clothes and attitude. If you’re ready for the London night out of your life, get on our Windmill Soho table booking and guestlist!

It is the most popular upmarket club in London. The Windmill Soho offer its guests an unforgettable night out at an affordable price. The venue has a distinctive look with its vintage interior and atmospheric music, which creates the perfect setting for a special night out.

Their passion is to create an unforgettable experience every time you step into the club. The Windmill is always looking for new talent, so don’t be surprised if you see music’s next big thing! The Windmill Soho is one of the best places in the city to party. It has a huge dance floor and an open-air terrace for smoking, making it the perfect place.


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