Maddox Club London

Maddox Club London

Established in 2007, Maddox Club is situated in Mill Street in London is an exclusive and fascinating nightclub since day one. It is fair to say that Maddox has created its reputation as among the best nightclub in London. It is a true membership club, so you need to book VIP Guest-list or VIP Table to get into the club.

With celebrity guests like Jay Z, the late Amy Winehouse, Gwyneth Paltrow, members of the British royal family, and much more, the club has a very welcoming atmosphere, and the staff at Maddox are very friendly and nice. They will take care of all your need.

Maddox is a great place for celebrating special events and hosting the biggest parties of the year, such as New Year’s Eve and Christmas at The Maddox Club. You can book your Table at Maddox for any event.

  • Birthday parties
  • Bachelorette/ Bachelor
  • Boys / Girls’ night out
  • Or any other special occasion

The club is split up into two-level, with the capacity to entertain 400 people. There is a main room with a dance floor and DJ booth. And there is the Green Room which is just for private members, and you must be invited to get into Green Room. On top of that, Maddox also provides restaurant services with Mediterranean cuisine by top chefs, and the club also has bar services with various drink options.

Thursday Maddox Party: Join the Maddox party with an exclusive group of party-goers in London. The Neon lights, regal interior, and good-looking people will make you feel like you are at some Hollywood party.

Friday Maddox Party: The weekend in Maddox is busy. If you are early, you might get entry into the club, but make sure you are on Maddox’s guest list. The door opens at 10 pm and lasts until 3 am

Saturday Maddox party: End your weekend with fun and be surrounded by the best people in London at Maddox. With a music itinerary of house hits and R&B, the dance floor is certainly for you if you love dancing. If you are not keen on dancing, then the bar is just the place for you.

Maddox Dress Code:

The dress code for Maddox is very simple, you need to look sharp, clean, and fashionable for ladies, and high heels are a must. And for gentlemen, smart attire is expected with nice shoes. If you fail to abide by the dress code, you won’t be allowed into the club. Apart from that, you must be over 18 and need to carry an ID with you to show at the door. Maddox is very serious regarding its door policy.

Maddox VIP Table Booking:

If you want to hang out with the Elite group, then Maddox is your place. Just remember you need to book VIP Guestlist or table to access the club, and the club provides a private membership with the annual fee. Contact us to book your VIP guest list or VIP table.


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