What is a Concierge Service?

Initially, the word concierge derived from the Old French “cumcerges”. Later in the 19th century, French authors referred to the concierge as a contraction of “comte des cierges”/ the keeper of candles, a servant who is maintaining the cleanliness and lighting.

3 Luxury Concierge Services You Need To Know

A concierge service is your personal guidebook, freeing up their clients’ precious time, allowing them to relax instead of spending time looking for them.Time is priceless, you should know three luxury concierge services without which your life wouldn’t be the same.

Best Luxury Concierge Services In The World in 2019

The world of luxury concierge services has developed rapidly in the era of technology, smart apps and fast messages. This high-end sector, therefore, took it to the next level and extended their services, converting it into a lifestyle.

Fetty wap at Cirque le Soir London

Cirque Le Soir is famous for hosting one of the most outrageous parties every Monday. Joining the nightlife concierge services of La Monday party at Cirque Soir, means you will start your week with a dose of extravagance.

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